About AIM

AIM Property Inspection Services LLC.

  • Who We Are:
    AIM Property Inspection Services LLC has been providing home inspections to Spring, Tomball, Montgomery County, The Woodlands, Conroe and North Houston since 2004. We pride ourselves in providing quality and value oriented home inspections that give a complete analysis and provides documentation of visible defects involving the structure and its mechanical components. Home inspection issues will be explained on-site and in our detailed home inspection report for the client and agent to review. We provide Termite Inspections as one of our services, for your convenience.
  • What We Do:
    As a licensed Professional Home and Termite Inspector by The Texas Real Estate Commission, AIM will provide and perform a thorough Home and Termite inspection for clients prior to the pre-purchase or planned sale of the house. It is our task to visually inspect, analyze, and document the current condition of the structure and mechanical components of the home. We provide all in one report, digital photographs and detailed descriptions of discovered issues involving the structure and its mechanical components.
  • How We Do It:
    Our Professional AIM Inspector will take custody of the house for approximately three hours in order to inspect the structures condition, functionality of the plumbing systems and to operate all mechanical components. The inspector will perform the inspection process according to the “The Standards of Practice” established by the Texas Real Estate Commission.
  • Why We Do It:
    For our clients the Professional Inspector will endeavor to advise, alert, and protect our clients from costly repairs or replacement issues related to the purchase of the home. The purchaser’s main priority is to avoid costly structural and mechanical component repairs.  It is the Buyer’s responsibility to perform a due diligence process on the home they are about to purchase during the “Option Period”, as this is the crucial time to gather as much information and history of the home in order to conclude a final commitment of purchase.