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Real Estate Agents

AIM Property Inspection is here to make your life easier!  We know the road to the sale can be long and tiresome.  Our mission is to make the inspection phase smooth, swift and simple for both you and your clients.  Proudly serving the North Houston Area since 2004.

All Basic Inspections Include

During your inspection, we will help you fully understand the property's current condition and repair needs so you or your client are able to make educated decisions while proceeding with your transaction.  Our AIM is to provide our clients with a clear picture of the condition of the home in timely, transparent and expedient fashion.


Attic Check

Garage Door & Openers


Water Heater


Kitchen Appliances

Roof Inspection

Interior/ Exterior Walls

Grading/ Drainage

Dryer System

Water Systems


Termite Inspections

Termites can cause damages leading to costly expenses, especially when problems go undetected and untreated for long periods of time.  Including a termite inspection in your package is sure to pay for itself by preventing further damage, especially if you have already noticed signs of a problem.

Thermal Imaging Scans

Thermal Imaging Scans are extremely valuable and can provide information for, otherwise undetectable, devastating damages to your home.  Common issues uncovered using Thermal Imaging include: hidden water leaks; roof moisture intrusion; heat loss and air infiltration in walls, ceilings, floors, etc.; air conditioning compressor leaks, electrical hot spots and more.

Pool & Spa Check

If you own a home or are interested in purchasing a home with a pool and/or spa, it is highly recommended that you have the systems, components and pool/spa itself inspected for problems.  Including this check in your inspection plan could prevent costly expenses relating to defects in the system.


24 Hour Reports

We know how critical timeliness is to the success of your business.  That’s why we deliver our reports within 24 hours, on-time, every time, to help you stay on schedule and keep your clients satisfied. 


Flexible Scheduling

With our online booking system, you can schedule your inspection for a time that works best for you and your client.  Once you book an inspection, your AIM Inspector will take you the rest of the way.


Transparent Pricing

Our pricing structure is simple by design, because we know that saves you time when making decisions.  With AIM, we pride ourselves in maintaining this simplicity and transparency to prevent unnecessary surprises and build trust with you and your clients.

Why Do Real Estate Agents Love AIM?

AIM Property Inspection Services LLC has been providing home inspections to Spring, Tomball, Montgomery County, The Woodlands, Conroe and North Houston since 2004.  We pride ourselves in providing quality and value oriented home inspections that give a complete analysis and provides documentation of visible defects involving the structure and its mechanical components. Home inspection issues will be explained on-site and in our detailed home inspection report for the client and agent to review. We provide Termite Inspections as one of our services, for your convenience.

As a licensed Professional Home and Termite Inspector by The Texas Real Estate Commission, AIM will provide and perform a thorough Home and Termite inspection for clients prior to the pre-purchase or planned sale of the house. It is our task to visually inspect, analyze, and document the current condition of the structure and mechanical components of the home. We provide all in one report, digital photographs and detailed descriptions of discovered issues involving the structure and its mechanical components.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I recommend Aim Property Inspection for anyone buying their first home. He helped point out things that would be costly, things the buyer should take care of, and things that were safety hazards for my children. Thank you Daniel for your thorough work!”


We were so happy with AIM we used their services twice in one month! After passing on that lemon of a house, they inspected what is now our home.

AIM was extremely thorough and didn’t mind my many questions through out the inspection.

Communication, professionalism, and punctuality is top notch and greatly appreciated from AIM.”


“Daniel is such a thorough and knowledgeable inspector! He really takes the time to look at every little detail, and then takes the time to explain to you exactly what he is seeing, and what needs to be done to repair it. He is so friendly and you can tell he truly loves his work. We have used him for three properties so far, and trust him completely to be thorough in his work. I highly recommend him!!”


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