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Home Inspection Reports

reportsOur home inspection reports are detailed and easy to read. AIM Property Inspection Services LLC. home inspection reports can be delivered in as little as 24 hours. The home inspection report outlines all known issues found during the home inspection walk through. Each home inspection issue has a detailed description along with a digital photo for you to easily understand your inspection report.

Please be aware, most home inspectors use reporting software for their home inspection reports which in our opinion produce a somewhat canned, blocky, difficult to read inspection report with cut and paste generic wording. We have spent ten years developing what we feel is a superior home inspection report, the result of which is shown. You may be asking, why do other home inspectors in Houston still use clunky, old fashioned report writing software? One reason is that it produces faster reports, allowing the inspector to do more in less time and get on to his next inspection appointment. We think you deserve more. Have a look at our sample home inspection report and compare our home inspection reports to others. We think we produce the best home inspection report available. What do you think?

Termite Inspection Reports

Your home is your biggest investment. Because termites generally live on the inside of wood, it is often difficult to identify these cryptic pests. That is why mortgage companies require termite inspections in Houston. It’s important for new homeowners to understand both the current assessment of the homes termite activity as well as the future concerns and treatment methods of the home and property.