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How roof inspections work, and why you Should get one

How roof inspections work, and why you Should get one

There are a multitude of red flags that can appear during an inspection. The roof is one of the larger points during an inspection due to the repair to a damaged roof being costly. Roof inspections are important to make sure negotiations during the buying process are optimal for the buyer’s budget.


Much like an interview, first impressions matter. When a home inspector approaches the home, the first thing they will look at is the homes around it. Most often homes on the same street are built at the same time. This is the most general approach that lays the groundwork for a more in-depth inspection. In knowing the age of the home, the inspector can estimate how old the roofing is. For example, shingles often come in 15, 20, and 30-year types. By subtracting the age of the house by the shingle, an approximation can be made on how much longer the shingles might last. It takes a trained eye to distinguish these characteristics, which is why trusting a professional inspector is strides better than attempting to assess it yourself.


Most often the roof of a home appearing aged while the others appear new is not because the homeowner hasn’t gotten around to it yet, it’s usually due to weather damage. During hailstorms it is common to file a claim to have the roof repaired to fix the damage. A claim may not have been filed on a home for multiple reasons:

  • The house was a rental property
  • The house is an estate sale
  • The insurance will not cover the costs
  • The homeowner couldn’t meet the deductible

Either way, it is imperative to receive an inspection to avoid walking into expensive repairs. An untrained eye may find it hard to distinguish aging from major damage caused by weather.

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